What We Do

Making it up and figuring it out

That’s our slogan and that’s basically what we do. People hire us to make up things that have never existed before, such as advertisements, websites, books, names, identity systems, viral ad campaigns, events or promotions. Or they bring us something that already exists and ask us to help them make it better. In either case, we also figure out how to make these ideas work in the real world.

Another interpretation of this is that if we can’t figure it out, we'll make it up. Or the other way around. Anyway, here’s the list of what we do and some explanations about what it all means.

Basically, concept development is the art of coming up with great ideas. But it’s also about figuring out how to apply them in the real world and make them come alive. These ideas can range from small things like slogans or headlines to larger enterprises like websites, special projects and creative advertising campaigns.

No two people ever agree about what this is but when we do it, we’re usually creating, developing and implementing great ideas. Some say if the designer is in charge, it's art direction, and if the writer is in charge, it's creative direction. Either way, we can do it.

A lot of people think they can write and many of them can. But the crucial question is, can they write well? Our answer is simple, direct and to the point, as all writing should be: Yes, we write very well. And here are some examples of where we've done it:

  • Books
  • Advertising
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Speeches
  • Bumper Stickers and Tattoos

Nearly anyone can write a pretty decent first draft. And a great way to save money on a writing project is to turn your first draft over to a good editor/writer. We love first drafts and we’re extremely good at making even the tone-deaf ones sing like Italian tenors.

Naming your child or your dog or your car is easy. Naming your new product, gizmo, service or company is hard. If you don't believe us, consider this: How easy would it be if your child's name had to be unique, easy to pronounce and spell in many languages, legally protectable by copyright and trademark laws, and also available as a web domain? Yikes!  Don’t try this at home; call us.

We not only come up with the concepts and the big ideas, we also write original and compelling scripts for radio and television ads, corporate multimedia and DVD presentations, online videos for websites, and film documentaries.  And we know how to get them produced, shot, edited and directed by brilliant, talented, and well-behaved professionals.

We’re a small but brilliant company and we often collaborate with other small but brilliant companies on projects of all scopes and sizes. Thanks to our years of experience, we're able to quickly select and assemble the perfect team of talented people to work on your creative endeavors. And we also expertly supervise and manage these teams to make sure that our collaboration always goes smoothly.