Media Production involves much more than creating original concepts and compelling scripts for ads, multimedia presentations, online videos, and documentaries. We offer those services, but we can also get your projects filmed, edited, produced, and directed by the brilliant, talented, creative, and well-behaved professionals who work with us.

Media Production

Seattle Shakespeare Company

We love the Seattle Shakespeare Company (formerly Seattle Shakespeare Festival) and we wanted to show the world that Bill is the opposite of boring and stodgy. Instead of telling the story using a pretentious British-accented voice-over, we decided to showcase the words, faces, and infectious enthusiasm of its brilliant young actors as they messed around with props and costumes and riffed about how alive, sexy, unrestrained and unpredictable Shakespeare can be. A hit, a very palpable hit.

Ivar's Acres of Clams

Ivar's resturant and seafood bar has been a beloved fixture on Seattle's waterfront since 1938. Working with Heckler Associates and director Karen Stanton, we wrote and produced an ad that celebrated Ivar's 60th anniversary by taking the cartoon bivalve siblings Max and Katie Clam backwards in time through the decades. The sequences that paid tribute to the animation styles of each era were created by designer Michael Hilliard.


When we were hired by a large thrift-store chain to create a series of ads for their stores across Canada, we told stories about how previously owned and well-loved items, when given another chance, can work their magic and spark joy the second time around. These ads continue to resonate in a world where the concept of recycle, reuse and repurpose has become more important than ever.

Vote Girl!

Our country is a better place when everyone votes. That's the point our client wanted to make when they asked us to create radio spots that would motivate single women to register and vote to make their voices and concerns heard. We assembled a group of single women of all ages and encouraged them to talk about the issues that affected their lives. Then we edited these discussions into compelling ads that are as revelant today as they were then.

Want to hear something cool?

Cain Creative partner and creative director Kathleen Cain has been writing radio ads ever since she was hired as the first copywriter for KZOK FM. Before founding Cain Creative, she worked for Heckler Associates where she wrote, produced and directed many strange and wonderful radio ads for Rainier Beer, Ivar's, New Balance, JanSport, and several other local and national clients.

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