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Writing looks easy. But if you've tried it, you know that it’s harder than it looks. So, the crucial question becomes, can you write well enough when the stakes are high? In our case, the answer is direct and to the point. Yes, we can.

Editing is a service we offer because we believe in the value of what writers call “the sloppy first draft.” Getting it down first in your own words and then turning your story over to a skilled editor is a great way to save money on the front end. We love first drafts of any kind because we’re pretty extremely good at making them sing like Italian tenors.

Writing and Editing

Pallino Pastaria

Billboards are proof of the adage that the medium is the message. When you’re trying to communicate with someone who is navigating through traffic at rush-hour, you’ve got to keep it short, memorable, and to the point. Take it from us. It works.

Star Wars

A few well-chosen words are sometimes all you need to bring an image to life or take it to an unexpected new direction. In many cases, the art of great writing—from headlines to body copy—is figuring out when enough is enough.


We’ve done a lot of work in the high-tech world, collaborating with other creative firms to develop ideas and build projects from beginning to end. And we're often hired to lend our insights and expertise to in-house creative teams as well. This Xbox accessories brochure is an example of how successful those collaborations can be. Great minds think better when they think together.

Sara Anderson, Illustrator

The talented artist and designer Sara Anderson is also the author of a dozen children’s books. We have collaborated with her on many endeavors including press releases, postcards, project proposals, billboards, and promotional copy for the back covers her beautiful books. Not every project we’ve done with her begins with the letter “p” or “b” but there does appear to be a prevailing pattern.


The international electronics company Philips often employs outside creative consultants to work with their internal teams to create the many moving parts of its worldwide marketing initiative. This downloadable infographic was developed to inform healthcare providers about a new ultrasound app that works with their mobile phones to bring high-tech diagnostic capabilities to environments outside traditional hospital and clinic environments.

Kidd Valley

This beloved local burger joint wanted to delight their regular customers—and win over a few new burgertarians—with a newsletter about their history, their most popular menu items, and the superior quality of their food. But they wondered if anyone would read it. We convinced them that if you write it well, they will read. And if you include a few games and riddles to keep the smaller Kidds entertained, everyone will be happy. It worked. They used it as an in-house promotional piece and also as a mailer to drive new business.

Microsoft: InsideOut

Creative director Kathleen Cain wrote dozens of insightful, incisive, and original essays that were scattered like Easter eggs throughout this book about the company’s first 25 years. Topics she illuminated include lightbulb flashes of inspiration, the mysteries of really-out-there mathematics, the zigs and zags of cutting-edge research, the cut-throat tactics of the tech business, the perils of high-stakes international negotiations, and the often hilarious saga of human-machine interaction.


This elite fishing resort was in the early stages of development when we were hired to create a website that would appeal to an audience of sportsmen who demand a high level of luxury and service. We understood that the romance of fly-fishing is a big part of what would motivate potential clients to spend time here, so the design and writing were carefully crafted to tap into that powerful emotional drive.