A Law Firm Built for Clients

A Law Firm Built for Clients


When a dozen young guns from one of the top law firms in Chicago broke away to start their own boutique firm, they asked us to develop a new identity system and website that would announce to the world that a nimble, effective, and accomplished new team had arrived on the scene. One that could hit the ground running and get the work done with rapid response, personal attention and outside-the-box thinking. They were a diverse and accomplished group, dedicated to supporting social justice causes as well as providing no-nonsense litigation for some of the most prestigious and influential companies in the world. That's why we focused on  storytelling and imagery that expressed who they were as people, in addition to how brilliant and creative they were as attorneys.

"This firm is built on a time-honored principle: We are committed to meeting the legal needs of our clients with skill, integrity, and discipline. By putting clients at the center of our mission, by aligning our interests with theirs, and by building processes that allow us to fulfill our promises, we hope to earn and maintain their trust every day, on every matter."

Judge Patricia Holmes

"A woman of exceptional talent, intelligence and vitality, Patricia Holmes has chalked up enough accomplishments to fill three lifetimes. Over the course of her distinguished legal career, she has practiced law on both sides of the bench in courtrooms at every level, serving as Associate Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, assistant U.S. attorney, assistant state’s attorney for Cook County, and Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel for Municipal Prosecutions for the city of Chicago..."

Heidi Dalenberg

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that Heidi Dalenberg is well equipped to do battle...She's a tenacious investigator and a creative developer of strategies designed to protect and promote the interests of her clients. In short, she’s not afraid of a fight...To keep her chops up, Heidi engages in, and usually wins, a battle of wills every evening with her two wily felines who believe that the human race was created for their convenience. Anyone who assumes that she is easily intimidated is making a mistake."

Joshua Lee

"Josh Lee looks like a nice guy because he is a nice guy. And although his tendency to prevail against formidable opponents has given people the impression that he can see around corners, it’s probably not true...His clients value him for his integrity and tenacity, but they also appreciate that he knows when the moment is right to negotiate a mutually advantageous settlement. Josh is a creative strategist but he’s also a canny pragmatist who understands that there is always more than one pathway to a solution."

Ed Casmere

"Confident, articulate and extremely cool under pressure, Ed Casmere is often described by colleagues and opponents alike as one of the most engaging and persuasive attorneys they have ever worked with. He is widely respected as a formidable litigator but is also acknowledged as a generous and ethical collaborator who impresses clients, judges, jurors and opposing counsel with his thoroughness, dedication and preparation..."
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