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Making it up and figuring it out. That’s our slogan and that’s what we do. Our clients hire us to make up things that have never existed before, such as websites, books, names, identity systems, viral ad campaigns, events or promotions. Or they bring us something that already exists and ask us to figure out a way to make it better. Here’s how we do it: Concept Development is the art of coming up with great ideas but it’s also about figuring out how to make them come alive. Great ideas can range from small things like slogans and headlines to larger entities like websites, special projects and advertising campaigns. Creative Direction is sublimely vague. No two people agree about what it is. When we do it, we’re usually overseeing the creation, development and implementation of great ideas (see above). One theory says that if you’re a designer and you’re in charge, you’re the art director, and if you’re a writer and you’re in charge, you’re the creative director. Writing looks easy. That’s why a lot of people think they can write. And many of them can.  But the big, expensive and crucial question is, can they write well? Our answer is direct and to the point (as writing generally should be): Yes we can. Editing is a service we offer because you should never underestimate the value of what writers call “the sloppy first draft.” Getting it down in your own words before turning your story or speech or presentation over to a skilled editor is a great way to save money on the front end. We love first drafts of any kind because we’re pretty extremely good at making them sing like Italian tenors. Naming your pet is easy. Naming your new product, gizmo, service or company is not. It requires professional expertise and experience. Consider this: if your dog’s name had to be unique, easy to spell, easy to pronounce in many languages, legally protectable, and also available as a web domain, you wouldn’t hesitate to turn it over to someone who can handle all that. Don’t try this at home; call us. Digital Media Production involves much more than merely creating original concepts and compelling scripts for ads, multimedia presentations, online videos, and documentaries. We also know how to get your projects shot, edited, produced and directed by brilliant, talented, creative, and well-behaved professionals. Account Supervision keeps everything from descending into chaos. We work with companies of all sizes and shapes on projects of all shapes and kinds. That’s why we offer you the services of organized, capable and diligent professionals who make sure that our creative collaboration goes smoothly.

When people ask us to describe what our product is, we have a simple answer: Brilliant ideas, beautifully expressed.

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  • We recognize the value of individual thinking as much as we respect the power of collaborative effort.

  • We are diverse in our backgrounds and interests, but we are united by our dedication to creative problem solving.

  • We believe that the secret formula for effective communication is to get to the point in a clear, concise, and compelling fashion. No obfuscation, no euphemism, no jargon. Just your story, well told and looking good.

  • We understand that the forces of chaos are ever present, but always manageable. That’s why we offer the services of organized, capable, and diligent project-management professionals to make sure that our creative collaboration with you goes smoothly.

  • We would be delighted to meet with you. Here’s how to get the ball rolling.