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Creative Direction is a mutable concept. No two people agree about exactly what it is. In our case, it usually involves overseeing and contributing to the creation, development, and implementation of great ideas and effective communications strategies. And sometimes taking things to an unexpected and exciting new direction.

Creative Direction


When Starbucks bought the popular Seattle-based coffee company, Torrefazione Italia, they were thinking about rebranding the small chain as an elegant, old-world Italian-style coffee house. They hired us, along with Marocco Design, to imagine what that place would look and sound like. We knew this presentation had to be more engaging and compelling than the usual sleep-inducing slide deck, so we created the new brand from top to bottom, and brought the concept to life by presenting it in the form of an Italian coffeehouse newspaper.

Pizzeria Fondi

When they zig, we zag. Our client wanted the story about the quality of their ingredients and techniques to stand out in the crowded field of local specialty pizzerias in Seattle. Since virtually everybody else was using photography in their advertising, designer Craig Marocco commissioned artist John Burgoyne to create original illustrations to go with our evocative and appetizing copy. The result was as entertaining and informative as it was beautiful.

Picton Technologies

This manufacturer of railroad safety equipment wanted a tradeshow brochure that would impress investors and attract new customers. We designed and wrote it like a magazine, making it more compelling and fun to read than a brochure. It offered product information but also news stories, railroad lore, reprints of vintage travel posters, and even a couple of authentic dining-car recipes. It was such a success that it was reprinted in three languages.

Jantzen Swimsuits

Sometimes all you need to create a memorable impression are a beautiful image and a simple but evocative phrase. The art of creative direction lies in finding that perfect combo. And knowing when to stop talking.