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Website Development and Interactive We design and write very nice websites from scratch. But if you don't want to start over from scratch, we also provide touch-ups and updates to websites that need a new look or just aren’t working the way they’re supposed to. 

Websites & Interactive


For nearly two decades, this small but successful nonprofit agency has had an outsized and enduring impact on its clientele of young and highly motivated bilingual students living in agricultural communities with limited access to educational resources. The Altera directors asked us to create a website that would showcase their remakable record of achievements and successes to the supporters, donors and grant organizations they depend on to keep going forward. Just like the organization it represents, the site we designed is a no-frills contender that continues to punch well above its weight.


When two successful law firms merge, it can get a little bumpy. Combining two cultures is a delicate process that requires sensitivity, tact, and excellent negotiating skills. Plus a willingness to listen. Lawyers tend to know what they want. When you present a point of view, you had better be able to defend it intelligently and with plenty of evidence. We can and we did. The result is a website that made both merger partners happy. Our go-to designer, who is an excellent photographer, created a compelling time-lapse video of Elliott Bay for their home page.

Pepple Cantu Schmidt

Pepple Cantu Schmidt

Not all attorneys are humorless drudges or fast-talking deal-makers. Some of them are also personable, smart, creative, and committed to making the world a better and more delightful place. The people at PCS Legal are those kinds of people, which is why they hired us to design and write a website for them that would highlight their personalities as well as their impressive and impeccable credentials.


Facts are important, but they don’t have to be boring. The founding partners at Chicago-based RSHC asked us for a website that would set them apart from other law firms. We said, “Start with the people who work there." Then we interviewed the attorneys, weaving their profesional accomplishments and personal stories into bios that were authoritative but also fun to read. The site won attention and accolades from current and prospective clients, and from colleagues who were surprised and delighted to see members of their profession portrayed as actual human beings.